What They Say


In our business, what other folks say is the best advertising we can get! Fortunately, we have over 25 years of customers touting our friendly, down-to-earth design consultants; our experienced, trained and and highly skilled crafts personnel; or innovative approaches; and, our experience with some of the toughest projects throughout Alaska. AAA Fence, Inc. workers, at every level,understand that their and our reputation is on the line with every project. Your satisfaction is our only success...it's what we work for!

"Your crew did outstanding work. They were very professional and courteous when they were here and we were impressed with how hard they worked to get the whole thing done." ~ residential customers, Jesse & Irene
"This letter is to extend my personal appreciation for a job well done at the Barrow Landfill Scale Project. Your fence and power gate installation work show excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail resulting in high quality and appearance. Your cooperation and willingness to coordinate your work with others was also outstanding. Thank you for a professional job well done." ~ UIC CONSTRUCTION, LLC Steve Hatzis Project Manager
"United Utilities, Inc. is pleased to provide you with a letter of reference. Over the past two years AAA Fence has completed more than half a dozen projects for us. These projects have totaled over $300,000 and have ranged in scope from mountain tops to river basin sites throughout Western Alaska. AAA is also contracted to complete more installs as our upcoming construction season begins. UUI has found AAA's work to be timely and competent. AAA has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet project schedules and deadlines, complete the job for quoted pricing, and provide a high quality finished product. They have been more than willing to work under our strict time restraints and constantly changing schedules. We look forward to a continued working relationship with AAA Fence throughout the coming years." ~ Alex Leavens, Facilities Maintenace Manager, United Utilities, Inc.
"Thank you and company for your good work, responsiveness, and support on our construction project for Homeland Security at the NOAA antenna facility in Fox, Alaska, for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. You provided and installed approximately 8,500 lineal feet of 10-ft high security fencing with barbed wire; swing, sliding, and personnel gates; and bollards. Your crew was johnny on the spot, very skilled and knowledgeable, hard working, and a pleasure to work with, even in harsh weather and on difficult terrain. Your materials and workmanship exceeded specifications. You met the rigorous Corps administrative, safety, and quality requirements. And, you completed the work all in good order, ahead of planned duration, and all at the lowest competitive bid. The Corps and NOAA representatives are pleased with the result, and in particular with your suggested solution to the tricky, and highly visible, creek crossing by the main facility area. The Government was also very pleased with your suggested improvements to their design for installing the fence in permafrost to mitigate frost jacking, and for providing a simpler and stronger tie-rod and bracing plan for the fecne. I am very happy to have worked with you on our contract, and I look forward to working again with you soon. Thank you for providing a good product and for helping make this project a success. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Good job, well done. Thank You." ~ Tikigaq Engineering Services, Douglas S. Washburn
"AAA Fence was a subcontractor to Pruhs Construction on the 40th Ave Extension and Pine Street projects located in Anchorage, Alaska. Our subcontracts with AAA Fence were for roughly $400,000.00. Their work included removal and installation of various types of fencing, decorative panels, guardrails, and other miscellaneous items. I want you to know that Pruhs Construction truly appreciates all that Dale Madill and AAA Fence have done on these projects. It has been a pleasure to work with professional, honest and caring people in the completion of our projects. Pruhs has come to appreciate AAA Fence's reliable performance and consummate professionalism. As we move forward from these projects, their excellent performance will not be forgotten and you can be sure that we will continue to look for ways to continue our relationship with AAA Fence." ~ Derek Anderson, Project Manager
"It is not very often that we feel compelled to write a letter of appreciation to a contractor on a subcontractor. Most of our letters to contractors are critical in nature so this one is indeed a pleasure to write. AAA's performance on Elmendorf AFB has been outstanding. As you are aware they have completed multiple fence projects within stringent construction schedules due to Anti Terrorist Force Protection. I can give AAA no higher recommendation than to say that they have been as committed to our security fence projects as we have. Our working relationship with AAA through the entire construction process has been a positive, enjoyable and professional experience. We have had nothing but praise from the 3rd Wing leadership and other officials on Base. Because of their efforts and the praise from the 3rd Wing, we would highly recommend this company to any agency interested in awarding contracts to them." ~ Michelle C. Jones, Contracting Officer
"I am a Project Manager with the 3rd Civil Engineer Squadron on Elmendorf AFB and am very pleased to provide this letter of reference for AAA Fence, Inc. I have been working with AAA Fence, Inc on Elmendorf since 2002. In my opinion, AAA is one of the most qualified and professional contractors working on Elmendorf AFB. AAA contract management team was diligent, responsive, and tended to administrative details necessary for successful fence projects on Base. AAA personnel are very conscientous, careful and considerate in every aspect of their work. AAA's attention to detail, willingness to provide paperwork in a timely manner, insistence on good workmanship and courtesy and respect for personnel and property contributed to the success of all fence projects on Base. AAA has consistently performed outstanding projects on Elmendorf AFB. Over the past 8 years, I have developed a high level of confidence and trust in AAA's capabilities. I have no doubt that they will continue to perform successful projects for Elmendorf AFB. I am pleased to give them my absolute highest recommendation." ~ Hazim K. Yunis, P.E.
"To whom it may concern, I am a Project Manager for Roger Hickel Contracting. In this capacity I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with AAA Fence on various projects throughout the Anchorage Bowl. The most recent projects in which I have worked with AAA Fence include the AWWU 1MG Reservoir Project (2010), the Mears Middle School Site Improvements (2010), and the Huffman Elementary School Site Improvements (2011) projects. AAA's scope of work on these projects entailed site fencing, decorative panel installation, bollard installation, and installation of various other site appurtenances. Their contract amounts on these projects were upwards of $130,000. Through the course of working with AAA on the above mentioned projects I have come to know many of their management and field personnel. I have found them all to be honest, cooperative, and conscientious in all facets of their work. Their management personnel are responsive in supplying submittals, pricing, and other administrative documentation. This ability, coupled with their competence, has certainly benefited our projects in keeping them on schedule and on budget. AAA Fence field personnel are not only proficient in their own trade; but routinely demonstrate the ability to work in and around the work of other trades in a safe and efficient manner, once again lending itself to the maintenance of the overall project schedule. AAA's work is always of the highest quality, the scrutinizing governmental Owners of the projects that we have worked on with them have never been dis-satisfied with AAA's workmanship. I would highly recommend AAA Fence for any fencing or site improvement project that you may have. Roger Hickel Contracting certainly intends to continue to use AAA Fence on future projects." ~ Scott Dunlap, Project Manager
"You did a great job! After 12 years, my dog suddenly decided that she liked to wander in the street beside my home. I worked with a Designer and we came up with a fence that wove beautifully through the many trees and shrubs in my back and side yards. The crews did an excellent job of installing the fence with minimal disturbance to the yard, trees and landscaping. Now I have a lovely fence that blends in and a stay-at-home dog. Thanks!" ~ residential customer, Jeannie
"I wanted to tell AAA Fence what a great job your Design Consultant did for us. He provided top notch customer service & really went out of his way to help us with several special needs we had regarding our fence. We are very pleased with the job!! The crew did a great job getting the fencing up and made sure that the fence and gate were low to the ground for our dogs. I will definitely recommend AAA Fence to everyone I know. It is really great to know that there are still companies out there that provide excellent workmanship & customer service" ~ residential customer, Lisa