Access control is an important part of maintaining a secured area.  AAA Fence, Inc. manufactures and distributes a complete line of gates and gate operators for use in both residential and commercial applications.  

Chain Link Dog Kennels

Custom fabricated dog kennels keep your dog safe and secure.  Kennels can be made to customer dimensions.

North Slope Bear Cages

Fabricate custom steel cages with 9-gauge chain link fabric for use in the North Slope region of Alaska.  These cages are attached to the entrances of buildings to protect workers traveling between buildings and vehicles from unexpected Polar Bear encounters.

United Utilities Communications Tower Fencing Installation

Design and build Chain Link Security Fence with barb wire and double drive gate and walk gate around communications towers in rural communities across Alaska.

Lake Louise Winter Pile Driving

Drive residential house/dock pilings into the ground during frozen winter conditions.