United Utilities Communications Tower Fencing Installation

May 2005
Various rural locations throughout Alaska
Chain Link Fence w/ Barbed Wire

Design and build Chain Link Security Fence with barb wire and double drive gate and walk gate around communications towers in rural communities across Alaska. 

Performance Highlights: 
Remote locations with varying logistic challenges (e.g., shipped material and equipment via barge or charter aircraft or both, communication via satellite phone, etc.); extreme weather conditions; varying soil conditions including permafrost; difficult topography; stringent safety and quality requirements.
"United Utilities, Inc. is pleased to provide you with a letter of reference. Over the past two years AAA Fence has completed more than half a dozen projects for us. These projects have totaled over $300,000 and have ranged in scope from mountain tops to river basin sites throughout Western Alaska. AAA is also contracted to complete more installs as our upcoming construction season begins. UUI has found AAA's work to be timely and competent. AAA has consistently demonstrated the ability to meet project schedules and deadlines, complete the job for quoted pricing, and provide a high quality finished product. They have been more than willing to work under our strict time restraints and constantly changing schedules. We look forward to a continued working relationship with AAA Fence throughout the coming years." ~ Alex Leavens, Facilities Maintenace Manager, United Utilities, Inc.