Homeland Security, NOAA/NESID

September 2004 to September 2005
Interior Alaska
Lineal Feet: 
Chain Link Security Fence and Gates

Installation of Chain Link Security Fence with barbed wire and various types of gates for Military Owner/Engineers (NOAA/USACE) (subcontractor to Tikigaq Engineering Services).

Performance Highlights: 
Proposed driving line posts to a depth of five feet rather than setting line posts in concrete to mitigate frost heave. Job site included extreme weather conditions, varying soil conditions and a difficult topography. Contract included stringent safety and quality requirements and a definitive project deadline. Tikigaq design problems – AAA Fence value-engineered low-cost efficient design revisions to mitigate frost jacking and overall design strengthening. Project completed ahead of scheduled.
"Thank you and company for your good work, responsiveness, and support on our construction project for Homeland Security at the NOAA antenna facility in Fox, Alaska, for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. You provided and installed approximately 8,500 lineal feet of 10-ft high security fencing with barbed wire; swing, sliding, and personnel gates; and bollards. Your crew was johnny on the spot, very skilled and knowledgeable, hard working, and a pleasure to work with, even in harsh weather and on difficult terrain. Your materials and workmanship exceeded specifications. You met the rigorous Corps administrative, safety, and quality requirements. And, you completed the work all in good order, ahead of planned duration, and all at the lowest competitive bid. The Corps and NOAA representatives are pleased with the result, and in particular with your suggested solution to the tricky, and highly visible, creek crossing by the main facility area. The Government was also very pleased with your suggested improvements to their design for installing the fence in permafrost to mitigate frost jacking, and for providing a simpler and stronger tie-rod and bracing plan for the fecne. I am very happy to have worked with you on our contract, and I look forward to working again with you soon. Thank you for providing a good product and for helping make this project a success. Please feel free to use me as a reference. Good job, well done. Thank You." ~ Tikigaq Engineering Services, Douglas S. Washburn